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Several opportunities will be offered during the school year to acquaint parents with our program. For example:

  • In September there is an Orientation Night for parents to meet the teachers and see the classroom.

  • On the first day of school, a parent comes with each child to class.

  • In the middle of the school year, teacher-parent conferences are scheduled.

  • Room visits are encouraged and parents may share their time and talents throughout the year if they wish.

  • There are two open houses during the year intended for the whole family.


While there are many opportunities to become involved with your child's class during the day, we understand that many parents are not available during school hours. To facilitate greater communication among parents and staff we also schedule evening events, send home newsletters, and update our social media with current information about your child's classroom activities.  

Application for Registration


Child Health Appraisal

                                    Fax # 302-368-8705


Handbook Receipt

TV/DVD/Computer Usage

Permission to Photograph


Parents Right to Know


Field Trip/Emergency Contact


Permission for Release of Child


Teacher Information Form


 Parents' Day Out




Spend some time with other parents! If your schedule allows, try to set aside a little time to get to know the other parents in your child's class. In years past, some parents have organized a quick weekly get-together for coffee during preschool hours. This is an invaluable opportunity to network and build support for your family and school.
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