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2020-2021 Calendar

Date             Day                                         Month



5                    Wed.               Staff Meeting

31                  Mon.               NMP Staff return



8                    Tues.               School Opens- New Student Tours /Th 3s Playground

                                              Meet Up

9                    Wed.               New Student Tours & Zoom Intro Meeting for 3s & PreK

10                  Thurs.              Playground Meet Up for 3s & PreK

11                  Fri.                   Playground Meet Up for 3s & PreK

14                  Mon.               First Day of School for MWF 3s, MWF PreK, & M-F PreK

15                  Tues.               Playground Meet Up for 2s

                                              First Day of School for T/Th/F 3s & T/Th 3s

16                  Wed.               First Day of School for M/W 2s

17                  Thurs.              First Day of School for T/Th 2s

21                  Mon.               Begin Regular School Schedule for All Classrooms



9                    Fri.                   School Closed – Professional Development

24                  Sat.                 Make A Difference Day

25                  Sun.                 Main Street Halloween Parade

28, 29            Wed/Thurs.    Halloween Celebrations

30                  Fri.                School Closed- Professional Development



3                    Tues.               No School – Election Day

11                  Wed.               No School-Veterans’ Day Observed

12                   Thurs.              Fundraiser Pick-Up

13                   Fri.                   School Closed-Professional Development

25-27            Wed.-Fri.         No School - Thanksgiving Holiday

TBD               Sat.                 Winter Bazaar



TBD               Sat.                 Winter Bazaar – Inclement Weather Date

16                  Wed.               M/W 2’s Christmas Celebrations

17                  Thurs.              T/TH 2’s & 3’s Christmas Celebrations

18                  Fri.                   3-day 3’s & PreK Christmas Celebrations            

21-31            Mon.-Thurs.    No School – Winter Break



1-3                Tues.-Sun.       No School – Winter Break cont’d.

4                    Mon.               School reopens

TBD               Fri.                   Snowball Dance

18                  Mon.               No School-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

22                   Fri.                   School Closed- Professional Development

25                  Mon.               Early Registration Begins for church members, current and

                                              alumni families


TBD                                       Week of Feb. 1 – PreK Parent/Teacher Conferences

TBD                                       Week of Feb. 22 – 3’s Parent/Teacher Conferences

1                    Mon.               Community Registration Begins

10, 11            Wed/Thurs.    Valentine’s Celebrations

12                  Fri.                   No School-Professional Development

15                  Mon.               No School-Presidents’ Day



TBD                                       Family Breakfast

TBD                                       Scholastic Book Fair/Spring Social

25, 26            Thurs/Fri.        School Closed-Professional Development



1-9                Thurs.-Fri.        Spring Break



TBD                                       Parent Appreciation

7                     Fri.                   School Closed-Professional Development

26                  Wed.               End-Of-Year Celebration for M/W 2’s, M/W/F 3’s & 4’s

27                  Thurs.              End-Of-Year Celebration for T/Th 2’s & 3’s, T/Th/F 3’s &

                                              5-day PreK

27                  Thurs.              Last Day of School